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“Earth” is out on Jamendo!

Album “Earth” is available in the free version on Jamendo, listen and download it for free:

If you like my music, buy the full version on Bandcamp:


Soon I’ll work on a new album called “Farland”.

Stay tuned!

Album “Earth” is out!

Album Earth is out!!!
You can listen and buy the full version of album on Bandcamp:

Soon the will be available a free version on Jamendo.

Abum “Earth” Is Ready!

Now “Earth” is ready! I completed my hard work to all tracks of album.

The album will be available in 2 versions: Jamendo free version with 10 tracks at medium quality, Bandcamp not free version with all 12 tracks of album with 2 special bonus tracks in HD!

Full version of album will be available for purchase on Bandcamp soon! Next there will be a free limited version available on Jamendo. Stay tuned!

“Earth” Production – Update 18 April 2013

When electronic meet orchestra, the power of digital music, harmony of classical instruments.

I’ll tell you the immensity of Universe, powerful collisions, blinding lights, something unkown that we can only imagine.

Album “Earth” is coming, 5 tracks completed, stay tuned!

“Earth” Production Updates – 19 March 2013

Violins, orchestra and electronic all together for my new album “Earth”.

Inspiration flows in my mind: feelings, laughs, happiness, moments of reflections and relaxation.

Life can suggest, music can tell.

It’s time to compose.

3 Tracks completed, other 8 tracks composed.

Stay tuned!

“Earth” Production Update – 3 March 2013

New feelings, new inspirations.

Intensity of life grows my music creativity.

New melodies, rhythm and passion.

New album “Earth” is coming.

“Earth” Updates – 19 February 2013

I’m working on my new album “Earth”.

Yesterday I composed a new track “Lost in Space”: the power and immensity of space, stars and planets described with electronic and orchestra.

A musical travel in the history.

Stay tuned for more updates!

New Album “Earth” Creation – 8 February 2012

“Hypnosis” is out from about a week and I’m at work on a new album project called “Earth”, an electronic orchestral album.

I’m inspired, so I create music!

I remember you that you can buy a special version of my last album “Hypnosis” at this page:
You will find the full album with a special bonus track, all at high CD quality.

Stay tuned!

“Hypnosis” Reflections – 1 February 2013

One day
I came back home.

I was tired, confused
and defeated by quotidianity.

I saw my grandson,
a little baby.

He smiled to me
and I saw
the real happiness
in his eyes.

He changed my day
with a simple
of joy.

All this sensations

“In a Smile”.

- Alex Must -

“Hypnosis” Updates – 01 February 2013

“Hypnosis” is finally out and I’d like to thank you all.

The statistics say more than 50 downloads and more than 200 listen in only 1 day.

Let’s continue to share my music!